– Collaboration between Trafford Handball Club and IK Sävehof.
On Saturday 26th of March, Trafford HC and IK Sävehof made an agreement to co-operate in the coming seasons. The Club Manager of Trafford, Mr Stan Belinski, visited IK Sävehof for three days, hosted by Club Director, Mr Stefan Albrechtson, to get an overview of various activities of Sävehof.

IK Sävehof, established in 1950, the largest handball club in the world:
· 1200 players (Youths), 7-14 years
· 300 players (Academy), 15-19 years
· 75 players at Partille (Handball) Gymnasium (College)
· 240 leaders and coaches
· Men’s team: 7 times Swedish Champions, frequently in Champions League and European League
· Women’s team: 14 times Swedish Champions, frequently in Champions League and European League
· 120 teams in local/regional/national series/leagues
· Para Handball: 40 players with intellectual disability and 15 players in Wheelchair
· Sävehof Handball Camp, a Summer Camp of 2×1 week for 350 players, 9-15 years
· The Organizer of Partille Cup, the world’s largest handball tournament. Annually 22 000 participants from 1300 teams from 50 countries

Trafford Handball Club, established in 2018, one of the fastest growing clubs in the UK:
· Thanks to the cooperation with schools in the region, reaching over 2000 children on a weekly basis
. Winner of England Handball National Championship in 2019 (U14 Boys)
. 150 players, 6–12 years
· 40 players, 12–14 years
· 40 players, 14–16 years
· 25 players, 17–19 years
· 20 women’s team players
· Teams playing in Regional & National Leagues
· 20 volunteers working on a regular basis
· Professional and experienced coaching staff – Former international handball player with more than 20 years of experience. Appointed Olympic Coach for the men’s Olympic squad in London 2012, with 40 years in handball behind his belt
· Organizing handball summer camps abroad

Actions in the Partnership:
· Trafford HC brings players over to Sävehof from September’22 during school holidays in the UK, October half term, December half term, February half term, Easter half term.
· Trafford HC brings young coaches to Sävehof for coaching workshops theory/practice and gaining experience.
· Trafford HC will participate with two teams in Partille Cup, this summer 2022, and start bringing more teams for the coming years
· Sävehof to bring teams/players to Trafford for handball youth trainings/matches/tournaments
· Sävehof to provide Trafford with a date when to visit Manchester and see Trafford HC set up
· Sävehof for further contacts with International Handball Federation, European Handball Federation, Forum Club Handball and Swedish Handball Federation. Trafford for further contacts to Great Britain and English Handball Federation.

Stan Belinski: “I believe this is a beginning of a great and fruitful cooperation that will be beneficial for both clubs and countries going forward. Mark my words, we are just getting started”
Stefan Albrechtson: “In a 5 to10 years period we believe Trafford HC can make a breakthrough for handball in England. It seems that the club has serious ambitions and will make difference in the development of our sport. Sävehof wants to be a supporting partner in the progress of English handball.




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